Pure Guyabano Tea by Heart of Islands


Heart of Islands Premium Guyabano Tea is 100% organic, Non-GMO (Genetically modified organisms), gluten-free, and caffeine-free.
It contains pure dried organic Guyabano leaves, packed for your enjoyment.

The pyramid-shaped 2-gram tea bag is made of sustainable PLA (polylactic acid) non-nylon material is manufactured in Japan, which helps preserve the tea’s natural flavor.

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The Best Guyabano Tea in the Philippines

When you’re ready for an infusion, just pour it into a cup of boiling water and let the leaves steep for a few minutes.  Before long, your exotic and delicious brew is ready for drinking!

Premium guyabano tea is coveted for its rich antioxidant content. The infusion of the Guyabano leaves is carefully selected and picked, washed thoroughly to ensure high standard, and undergoes a drying process via hot air at a low temperature, a process which allows conservation of vitamins and minerals, and also conserves the nutritious values of the infused fruit.

Ingredients: Pure guyabano leaves

  • The pure Guyabano tea Pouch consists of 15 luxurious pyramid-shaped tea bags.

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